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    Wealth Management is subject to dynamic market conditions and trends and evolving regulatory developments and hence requires an expert that advises you on long-term strategies and solutions. We provide a broad view of your financial life and all the vital factors that go into life planning. We help you manage your finances and investments while taking into consideration tax planning, professional moves, children, retirement, healthcare, emergencies, and other important priorities.

    Wealth management combines personal financial planning and investment strategy that enables you to sustain and grow your wealth. Alongside investment management, it encompasses life planning and retirement planning which empowers you to attain long-term financial security. At Nico Wealth, we offer holistic solutions following a one-stop-shop approach, to meet all your financial advisory needs.

    Role of a Financial Advisor

    Say you want to retire in 15 years or you want to send your child to a prestigious ivy league university in 10 years. To accomplish this, you require a skilled professional who can help turn these plans into reality; this is where a financial advisor comes in. The majority still think that an advisor’s role primarily revolves only around market and economy forecasts. However a financial advisor’s role. combines a blend of technical expertise with an understanding of how money issues intersect with the complexities of daily life.

    Why Should You Hire a Financial Advisor?


    They offer realistic goal planning

    It’s one thing to set your goals, but how realistic those goals are is a whole different story. A financial advisor can assess your needs and means accordingly and set tangible financial goals. For instance, if you don’t have any retirement savings or investments, a financial advisor will first point out the importance of having them, before putting you on a path to secure them.


    They provide peace of mind

    Financial planning as you know is highly time-consuming and extremely stressful. One of the most noteworthy advantages of having a financial advisor is that you hand off the responsibility to a trusted source and eliminate the anxiety and pressure of big decision-making.


    3. They minimize your tax-burden

    An issue that looms large for any individual who’s trying to save for post-retirement is taxation. An experienced financial advisor can help you evaluate all your options and make the right choices for you and your family.


    They help increase your ROI

    It can get difficult to evaluate investments and make the ideal choices for your long-term needs without help. Financial advisors have the required expertise to help you narrow down your options and pick the best investments suitable to your needs. They will help you diversify your investment portfolio and help you strike a perfect balance between your desire for growth and your need for financial stability.


    The help you manage market risks

    A financial advisor can help you avoid unnecessary risks in a similar way that they help you increase the return you earn on your investments. This is crucial especially when you understand how volatile the market is. The most common risk management strategies your advisor can help you with are stock diversification, portfolio management, goal-based investing, etc.


    They broaden your knowledge

    An experienced financial advisor will go a step further and apply investment strategies that you perhaps may not think of on your own. Their financial expertise and business acumen can empower you with access to the latest market information.

    Our Services

    Equity Consulting

    Are you looking for a trusted firm that can provide you with professional equity consulting services? We can help you out!
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    Mutual Funds

    Investing in mutual funds is a great way of achieving your financial goals but you need some advice to earn good returns from it.
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    Investing in mutual fund schemes like SIP can help you build your financial wealth. Nico Wealth offers quality advisory services for the same.
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    ELSS is a great type of mutual fund scheme where an individual can save tax. But as an investor, you need good investment guidance regarding it.
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    Liquid Fund

    Are you planning on investing in liquid funds? Nico Wealth can help you make the right decision regarding the same.

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    Child Education

    Planning for child education is the responsibility of every guardian. But it needs to be done smartly to make the most out of it. Nico Wealth can help you out with it!
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    Tax Planning

    Are you struggling with your tax planning? Nico Wealth can help you with your tax planning concerns. We deal in income tax and company tax planning.
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    Retirement Planning

    Do you wish to live the life of your dreams after your retirement? In order to make that happen, you have to plan your retirement from today. Nico Wealth can help in this matter.
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    The Nico Wealth Mission/Approach/Difference

    Our mission at Nico Wealth is simple – we want to empower you and enable you to invest with confidence. Our team is dedicated to you and rest assured we will provide holistic financial guidance and values-based investing that will help you fulfill your short-term and long-term goals easily.

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