Liquid Fund

Liquid Fund Investment-Get Better Returns Than Your Savings Bank Account

Liquid FundSetting aside cash in your bank account might have all the earmarks of being a shrewd choice but just for the present moment. It's obviously true that a bank account might fit the bill to be liquid however not lucrative. Here liquid funds arise to be a superior decision giving you both security and great returns. Nico Wealth puts resources into the best liquid fund scheme options accessible.

What Are Liquid Fund?
Liquid Funds, in simple words, can be characterized as debt mutual funds with extremely low risk. A financial investor will put his cash in short-term market instruments, for example, corporate bonds, treasury bills, and others. These instruments are known to hold the minimal measure of risk. Likewise, there is no exit load on liquid funds following a term of 7 days.

Who Should Invest in Liquid Funds?
Liquid funds are best suited for the investors who wish to earn better returns as compared to their savings bank account and get access to the cash quickly without any lock-in.
Most investors choose to invest in liquid funds because they wish to have an emergency bucket right with them in a time of dire need. This bucket is usually the living expense of a person for about 3-6 months. Now, keep in mind that the range of time mentioned here depends largely on the number of dependents one has.
Liquid Funds are the most appropriate for the financial investors who wish to procure better returns when contrasted with their savings bank account and gain admittance to the money rapidly with no lock-in.
Most financial investors decide to put resources into liquid funds since they wish to have a crisis bucket right with them in a period of critical scarcity. This bucket is generally the everyday cost of an individual for around 3-6 months. Now, remember that the scope of time referenced here relies generally upon the number of dependents one has.

A Quick Glance at Liquid Funds

Fees No fees or charges are applicable
Minimum Investment ₹ 1000
Minimum to Reinvest ₹ 100
Maximum Investment Uncapped
Investment Tenure 1-24 Months
Exit Load

Applicable on redemptions before a period of 7 days
Average Return 4-6 %
Risk  Low

Why Should You Invest in Liquid Funds?


Liquid Funds are safer than other mutual funds.

Better Returns

The Investor gets better returns as compared to a bank account.


Liquid Funds are known for their predictable returns.

Low Risk

Liquid Funds involve low risk

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