Investment Guidance

What is Investment Guidance and Advice?

Investment GuidanceInvestment guidance and advice refers to the recommendations that help to inform and educate a financial advisor regarding a specific investment product or a combination of products.

Private investment guidance can be of two types-professional and amateur. When it comes to professional investment guidance, it refers to a scenario where an investor pays fees to an expert in the field to receive proper guidance. Amateur guidance is all about the knowledge that an investor gathers from conversations, online blogs, or chat conversations. Though it is legal to provide stock advice or information related to an investment to an investor, it is prohibited if you try to provide any kind of inside information.

Why Do You Need the Best Investment Guide?

Guidance to invest in share market is not the only reason why an investor should hire an investment guide. There are a lot of other reasons. Let's check out some reasons why you might need an investment guide as an investor.


If you are an investor without much knowledge about the world of finance, you might need a guide who can help you make the right decision. There are a number of instruments one can invest in but which one is the best for you can be a difficult question. Having an investment guide who is experienced and understands your financial goals on your side can prove to be a huge benefit.


The market is known for its instability. In such a scenario it is quite easy for a person to panic. Having a guide on your side gives you an opportunity to make money even when the market is down. An investment guide has much knowledge in the field and can help you in making the right move to achieve your financial goals. This in turn will help you live a stress-free life.

The Big Picture

The greatest benefit of hiring an investment guide is that they can see the big picture. An individual finds it quite difficult to see beyond his bad experiences especially when it comes to money. Our mind gets so affected by it that we fail to understand things and make the right decision. An investment guide is a constant support in such times and guides you to make the right call so that you can benefit from it.


A lot of people think that not hiring an investment guide will help them save a lot of money. But on the contrary, it will cost you more in the future. There are a lot of situations that you will find yourself in as an investor where you will need the help of a guide. An investment guide has good knowledge about the market and can guide you well in times of need.

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