5 Facts About MFs That Are Purposely Covered From You

5 Facts About MFs That Are Purposely Covered From You

Did you ever come across someone who tagged himself as a “financial advisor” and tried to convince you to succumb to his investment plan? Well, don’t get swayed away with his influential sales pitch because this type of person is no good financial advisor, but is merely a salesperson trying to lure you to invest […]

Fixed Deposits Are The Worst Investments Ever

It is a common belief that fixed deposits are the safest and best investment. Its rate of interest is high and nature-wise also it is very flexible because anyone can open a fixed deposit account for one month, one year or may be ten years or even more. Those investors who are risk averse, for them […]

How Joint Holders differ from Nominees in Mutual Funds

By general definition, a joint holder means an individual who is jointly a member of an account with another individual. Both of them shares the same account and have accessibility to that account without each others permission. Joint holder can be of a bank account as well as for mutual funds. Generally joint holders are […]