Individual Stocks vs. Mutual Funds: Who Wins?

Individual Stocks vs. Mutual Funds: Who Wins?

All stock investors strive towards a common goal – high returns. But most fail to understand which investment route suits them best. So, when one is asked to make a choice between the two most popular investment options – mutual funds and individual stocks, he gets confused.  In such instances, healthy financial advice is much […]

Your Financial Planner: Your Confidante

Just as you need a friend to guide you through life, you need a financial planner to help you out with your financial goals. At least that’s what mutual fund advisors have to say. Without a dedicated financial planner by your side, you won’t be able to navigate through the complex world of investments in […]

Seeking Good Returns? Overinvestment Is Not The Way To Go

We got the opportunity to glance through the data of several real-world mutual funds and stock portfolios (belonging to Indian investors) in the recent past. The numbers we saw were a complete revelation. A vast majority of the portfolios were way heftier than what’s necessary and some were just outright gigantic. We were quite surprised […]