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The Investment and Finance Journal

Have you always had questions about finance and investments which are not answered properly?

Do you always find yourself Googling for investment information? (Not understanding what to trust and what not to?)

Many of our friends faced the same situation and came to us for advice. Hence we decided to launch NicoWealth.com. We are a one-stop portal for unbiased guides and advise about investing and growing your money. Our content is not motivated by any ulterior motive other than helping you win.

Anisha Kathotia

Topics we cover

Equity Markets

We provide equity consulting based on your aptitude and purpose. Our recommendations are based on fundamentals only.

Mutual Funds

We’ll guide and help you invest in the best mutual funds. Get in touch with us for a free consultation.

Tax Planning

Whether you’re a corporate, an HUF or an individual, Nico Wealth can help you plan and save on tax payments.

Retirement Planning

Retirement has to be beautiful and free of liabilities. We’ll hand-hold you and help you get there.

Investment Regulations

Govt. laws keep changing. Faster than you can imagine. If you need any kind of guidance, we have industry veterans on board.


All our articles are authored by experts. And we are open to contributions from finance journalists and investment advisors.

Reach out to us to become an author on our portal.
We’ll tell you where to invest, how to invest and when to invest in order to maximize the returns on your money.

Being a magazine, we are obviously catering to a large audience size, and cannot give you personalized advice through our content. If you are looking for personalized help and investment consulting – we offer that as a service. You can check out the details of it over here.

At the end, we can grow as a magazine only with your feedback. We want to improve constantly – if you’ve got anything to say that can help us, or make us better… let’s talk!

Till then, Happy Investing!